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Virtual Closet Clean Out

In 45 minutes, I will take you through my signature closet clean out process. We will sort through your wardrobe until you’ve settled on pieces you love and understand why you are donating others. You’ll leave feeling confident about your closet and with new insight about your style. 

*Prices does not include gratuity

The Process

01. Style Homework

To kick off, you’ll receive style homework that will allow us to have a productive clean out session. 

02. Closet Clean Out

During your 45 minute session, I will walk you through my signature process and we will analyze pieces of your wardrobe to determine if they should stay or be donated. By the end, you’ll have a curated closet and clear direction on your style.

Investment Starting at $500

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This signature package is my all-inclusive styling experience. We will uncover who you want to be and your goals. Using that foundation, we will craft a new style that is unmistakably you and brings the most confident “you” to the forefront!

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Add-On Services

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$200 per month

My concierge ongoing styling service allows you to continue working with me on a monthly basis.

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Starts at $200

Outfit selection and styling for events.

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“I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my clothes, and I’m always hesitant listening to another’s direction. I gave Mandie Murphree a shot as I was recommended by a friend, she made it an incredible experience. I thought I knew what my style was but she encouraged me to take risks and I’ve never felt more myself. More color, more confidence, more me for the first time”


“As an engineer, my personal motto was “function over fashion”. I placed very little value in my appearance and venturing rarely outside jeans and a polo. I had trouble getting dates and couldn’t figure out why. I’m an outgoing person, shouldn’t that be all that matters? My outward appearance conveyed a lack of care and self-respect. The true irony is that I was almost exclusively attracted to fashionable women! Mandie explained why the things she picked out worked, which gave me the confidence I needed to try new looks. Fast forward to today, I go clothes shopping on my own and my wife is grateful she doesn’t have to dress me for every social function and I’m on a first-name basis with my tailor. The difference is amazing, and I can only thank Mandie for setting me on this course.”


A few weeks before meeting Mandie I wrote in a journal that I wanted to rebrand myself. I was making big shifts in my career and internally was confident with the direction my life was heading but didn’t feel that it was reflected on the outside. Fast forward a few weeks and I meet Mandie in what I can only describe as divine timing.  I immediately knew she was the right person to help me make these shifts. Little did I know she was going to help me break through confidence barriers, find some amazing products that helped my overall health AND introduce me to a new look. Mandie didn’t just show clothing that would fit this “new me”, she gave me all the tools I need to successfully continue refining my look.  Mandie gave me more than a new look that makes me feel amazing, she helped me truly embrace who I am and not play small. I cannot say enough about how Mandie has changed my perspective


I have a lot of clothes and I got bored of them. It was very safe and conservative and not really an expression of who I was. After working with Mandie she brought out my personality and that reflected in my new wardrobe. Now I feel good and confident in what I wear. Anytime I wear an outfit that Mandie picked for me I always get compliments from people.